The performance was inspired by the architecture of Schwerbelastungskörper, a monument which was left behind after a nazi era in Berlin and it serves as a reminder of history in Schöneberg.

Researching of Berlin and Germany past was combined with studying of the shape and structure of monument, which is very heavy cylindrical concrete column, raising above and below the ground. I used certain architectural shapes and a bungee rope to make a short choreography on the topics that were important for my understanding of a space I was trying to integrate in.


Interactive performance, VOODOO Gallery, Berlin 2018

The performance was made after practicing Japanese dance butoh in Slovenia and Berlin, together with sound by ∶∶ᴢᴇᴍᴜŋ. The choreography was made after experiences of extreme body conditions in the city and nature and inspired an installation piece, which gave me my imaginary safe space for the first performance abroad. With my movements, I was triggering pre-recorded sounds, which were creating partly improvised performance.