Video-collage of city constructions in Berlin-Ljubljana, 2022

Video is a collage of construction sites recorded in 2021 between Berlin and Ljubljana. It was made after video-installation presented at a group exhibition “A Blueprint for Movement” with Maruša Uhan and Rea Vogrinčič, curated by Lara Reichmann in Kino Šiška, Slovenia (6.12.2021 – 7.1.2022).

Each segment is a part of observation of cities in their progress, which never stops, even when all the other movements were standing still during the lockdowns. Cultural institutions were mostly closed, which led to a personal extension of viewpoint on choreography and dance to working constructions. There is a certain to spontaneous rhythm established, which moves machines and workers, doing fundamental work on city’s structures. An external blueprint moving workers, later moving passengers in spaces, once they are concrete and done. What is there, is making the “new”, buildings which also give directions of living; shopping malls in Berlin, luxurious flats in the center of Ljubljana, rebuilding on monument Gasometer… Collage shows a view on the evolving city, which many times does not offer spaces for a broader group of inhabitants.

Q: who owns the city, if not the people who are building it?