A cycle of site-specific performances

stepping into problematic of a public space.

: : Cirkulacija 2

The staring part in the cycle of performances

Audio–visual performance Passing : : Cirkulacija 2 opens dialogue between concepts of social disintegration and questions about processes in the future.

Martina Jurak builds the performance through body movement, video projections and recorded sounds. With the relations between the three element she exposes current problematic of reducing access of broader community to public space.

Foto : Tatiana Kocmur

The process started in Berlin in 2020 when the restrictions and social desolation changed our lives. The lack of public events and cultural activities opened possibilities to observe the city and the parts of daily life which were still functioning: for a few months, the majority of the outdoor moving bodies were food delivery riders and construction workers.

The visibly operating part of the city became the focus of video recordings and inspiration for artist’s movement improvisations. Observing outdoor construction sites led to a composition of choreography based on Japanese contemporary dance butoh, intertwined with architectural elements.

The research continued in Ljubljana, where videos were shot inside the local building sites (Schellenburg, Center Rog, Tobačna).

These are places of the city’s transformation – the skeletons for becoming buildings. These will be accessible to inhabitants – according to their social status.

Artist’s performative body enters problematic public space, structures of changes. She aims to build compositions open to transformation.

The accompanied sound was gathered with field recordings at the building sites, intertwined with electromagnetic sounds from Cirkulacija 2. It will be used as a live composition element through sensors responding to the movement.