Improvisation in abandoned quarry “Pleše”, Slovenia 2020

Both videos are a part of my improvisations in specific places during tension of 2020. They are both a research of open spaces after being kept inside for longer time.

First one is a study of space in abandoned quarry “Pleše”, which is a Slovenian surname and also means “to dance”. The whole landscape creates a sci-fi impression and is very rich with textures of stone, water and vegetation. This video was created by the end of the year, that is why is named as a “Passage” and accompanied with edited sound of improvisation.

Second video was made sooner in 2020, when life in Berlin was stopped by the lockdown. Because of this, I was seeking open spaces in the city, to find inspiration in structures of buildings and feel more elevated.

Improvisation above the city, Berlin 2020
Camera : David Lužar